3 Kinds Of Heating Oils

If you are going to go with a furnace that burns fuel oil, there are things that you are going to have thing about. One of which is what kind of fuel oil that you want to use when it comes to powering your heating system.  Heating Oil #1 There are actually six different grades of heating oil that a furnace can burn. One of those grades is #1 fuel oil. [Read More]

Tune Up Your HVAC System Before the Weather Gets Cold

When the summer starts to cool, and it is time to turn the air conditioning off in your home, it is an excellent time to consider having the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system in your home serviced. If you wait until the weather gets cold enough to need the heat, you may find yourself without heat when you need it.  Inspecting the Heater After you call and set up an appointment for the service, a technician will come to your home and inspect your heater to ensure it is going to run correctly. [Read More]

3 Plumbing Tricks To Prevent Winter Pipe Headaches And Costly Damage

Problems with the plumbing in your home can lead to costly damage. You will want to know some tricks for dealing with repairs on your own, including things like using a can of spray foam to secure and protect noisy old pipes that move. There are also handy tools that you can use to complete plumbing jobs, such as a shop vacuum or plumbing snake. Here are some plumbing tricks that you can use to solve pipe problems during cold winter weather. [Read More]

Commercial Heating Tips To Keep Your Business Warm This Winter

Improving the performance of your commercial heating system will provide a reduction in energy costs while also making your business's interior a more comfortable place for people to be during the extremely cold winter days. Seal The Windows Windows are a major source of energy loss for heating systems. Drafts caused by the small gaps that may be located between the components of the window will be a substantial source of unwanted cold air entering the business. [Read More]