Commercial Heating Tips To Keep Your Business Warm This Winter

Improving the performance of your commercial heating system will provide a reduction in energy costs while also making your business's interior a more comfortable place for people to be during the extremely cold winter days.

Seal The Windows

Windows are a major source of energy loss for heating systems. Drafts caused by the small gaps that may be located between the components of the window will be a substantial source of unwanted cold air entering the business. Sealing the windows will close many of these drafts so that this problem will not be as pronounced. If you closely match the color of the seal to the window frame, you should be able to ensure this upgrade is as discrete as possible so that the aesthetics of your windows are not ruined.

Minimize The Number Of Times The Thermostat Is Adjusted

Frequently adjusting the thermostat can be another source of energy waste. This is due to the need for the system to expend energy in order to match the room temperature to the thermostat setting. Ideally, you should keep the thermostat at the same temperature throughout the day. This is particularly noticeable for businesses that are located in extremely large buildings. As the system may need to run for several hours to be able to effectively adjust the temperature for the entire building.

Follow The Recommended Service Schedule For Your Heating Unit

Regardless of the type of heating system that is installed in your building, there will be some steps that must be followed to ensure that the system is able to function correctly. For example, boilers will need to be periodically drained and flushed while furnaces may need to have the burner disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule for your system will drastically reduce the likelihood that your system will experience a significant malfunction that could lead to a loss of heat or even a fire starting.

Keep The Heating System Clean

Regularly cleaning the heating system is a type of maintenance that business owners will often fail to do. This can lead to a gradual decrease in the ability of the system to effectively heat your business. Also, dirt and dust on the heating system can lead to a burning odor whenever the system activates, which can be extremely unpleasant for anyone in the building. The best time to clean your heating system will be just before the arrival of cold weather as this will remove the dust and dirt that may have accumulated during the months when the heater was not needed.