3 Plumbing Tricks To Prevent Winter Pipe Headaches And Costly Damage

Problems with the plumbing in your home can lead to costly damage. You will want to know some tricks for dealing with repairs on your own, including things like using a can of spray foam to secure and protect noisy old pipes that move. There are also handy tools that you can use to complete plumbing jobs, such as a shop vacuum or plumbing snake. Here are some plumbing tricks that you can use to solve pipe problems during cold winter weather.

1. Spray Foam and Fixing Noisy Loose Pipes That Rattle

Spray foam is a handy household DIY repair material that can be used for many different projects, including plumbing. If you have a problem with pipes that make noise when you turn the water on, use spray foam to seal around areas where they are loose to stop the vibrations. This is also a great way to seal air leaks around vent pipes that go outside your home and cause energy loss.

2. The Right Tools to Clear Clogs and Get Drains Flowing Again

It is always good to have the right tools to get drains flowing again. The first thing that every household needs is a plunger, which can remove most clogs from drains. For stubborn clogs, a plumbing snake can be used, which works well for things like balls of hair that get stuck in shower drains. Another essential plumbing tool for your household is a shop vacuum, which can be used to remove debris from drain pipes, as well as to clean up messes that are made when doing repairs or due to the plumbing problems themselves.

3. Tricks to Reduce Messes When Dealing with Traps Beneath Sinks

The traps beneath sinks are part of plumbing installations that often fail or become clogged and need to be repaired. The problem is that sink traps can cause big messes if you are not prepared. First, you will want to make sure that you have a couple of buckets available to catch any excess water. A shop vacuum can also come in handy here to clean up messes from doing repairs. Before you begin to remove a trap, use a common plunger to push the water in the pipes past the trap to reduce the mess you make when it is removed.

These are some tricks to help you deal with plumbing problems during the cold winter months when it may be difficult to find a plumber to help. When you have tried these tricks and still need help, contact a plumbing service to solve the problem before it leads to serious damage and costly repairs. A company like Powder  River Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc can tell you more.