3 Kinds Of Heating Oils

If you are going to go with a furnace that burns fuel oil, there are things that you are going to have thing about. One of which is what kind of fuel oil that you want to use when it comes to powering your heating system. 

Heating Oil #1

There are actually six different grades of heating oil that a furnace can burn. One of those grades is #1 fuel oil. This is a distillate fuel. That means that during the refining process, the oil is heated up so that it evaporates. After it has evaporated, the oil is then cooled down and turned back into a liquid fuel. That fuel will be a condensed and more concentrated version of heating oil. 


Kerosene is basically heating oil #1 that has gone through additional filtering processes. This makes it purer and also helps to make sure that it won't gel. During that process, kerosene that is destined for running your furnace and heating your home is dyed. Generally it is dyed red, However, it may also be dyed blue, which may be the government. The reason that the kerosene is dyed is because kerosene that is used for heating purposes isn't taxed, while kerosene that is used for vehicle fuel or other purposes isn't dyed. The dye doesn't do anything to the fuel, so it won't hurt anything. If you run out of kerosene and can't get an immediate delivery, you can always go to the gas station and get some of that kerosene. Just be prepared to pay more per gallon than you would for heating oil because it is taxed. 

Heating Oil #2

This is another distillate fuel. It's also the most commonly used heating oil. The interesting thing is that heating oil #2, also just called heating oil or home heating fuel, is basically the same thing as the diesel fuel that runs a vehicle. Like kerosene, it is dyed, and for the same reasons. The heating oil that you get for your home may also be called a kerosene mix because the heating oil company may have added a little bit of kerosene into the mix to keep the fuel oil from gelling when it is very cold outside. 

If you are looking at something like a boiler to heat up your house or a furnace that just uses heating oil in general, you may want to know some of the different kinds different kinds of heating oil.