Ground-Source Heat Pumps: Should You Get One?

If you're getting ready to replace your old heating and cooling system soon, you might be considering other options as a replacement. One of the options you may think about is a heat pump. There are different types of heat pumps you might choose from, including a ground-source device. Learn more about ground-source heat pumps and whether or not such a system is right for your house. What's a Ground-Source Heat Pump? [Read More]

Effects Of Poor Combustion In Heating Systems

If you have a combustion heating system, such as a furnace, then you should always ensure its combustion process is efficient. This is necessary because inefficient combustion will trigger several negative consequences. Below are some of the effects of inefficient combustion in heating systems.  Indoor Air Pollution A good heating system converts most of the fuel into heat for warming up your house. This won't be the case if the combustion process is compromised. [Read More]

Tips For Getting The Right AC Installation Services To Keep Your Home Cool

Getting AC installation services will be exactly what you need when it is time to get ready for the summer. If you wait too long to install a new air conditioner when your old one is dying, you will regret it once temperatures start hitting the 80's and 90's. Instead, you will want to not only find a great professional to address your installation but also look into the various types of AC models that you can buy. [Read More]

Should I Have A Solar Heat Pump Installed?

A great way to save money and also minimize the impact that your home has on the environment is to switch to a solar heating system. Your heating system makes up a good portion of your monthly bills, so it makes sense to target this expense as you try to lower your costs.  How Solar Heating Works Solar heating works in conjunction with a heat pump. The goal of the heat pump is to take heat outside and pump it inside your home. [Read More]