Should I Have A Solar Heat Pump Installed?

A great way to save money and also minimize the impact that your home has on the environment is to switch to a solar heating system. Your heating system makes up a good portion of your monthly bills, so it makes sense to target this expense as you try to lower your costs. 

How Solar Heating Works

Solar heating works in conjunction with a heat pump. The goal of the heat pump is to take heat outside and pump it inside your home. You'll also have a solar panel placed on the roof of your home. The panel generates energy through the sun, and this energy is used to power the heat pump.

Ideal Homes for Solar Heating

This type of system is ideal for homes located in climates where it only gets cold for part of the year. The heat pump is not as effective at warming your home when you often have subzero temperatures, but it can be effective in chilly climates. Solar heating is also effective in sunny climates because the solar panels will collect more energy from the sun to power the heat pump.

Solar Heating Part of Your Home

If you are not sure if you'd like to switch to solar heating for your entire home, you can at least switch to solar heating for a portion of your home. Through zoned heating, the rest of your home can be heated with traditional means, and the solar heating can be used to heat your basement or garage. 

The Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are typically a more cost-effective option than other types of units, even if they aren't powered by a solar panel. A heat pump also has a much lower upfront cost than a furnace because both the heating and cooling functions are found in a single unit. The heat pump can also be used to cool your home during the summer. 

Disadvantages of Heat Pumps

One downside of a heat pump, though, is that it is just as noisy as an air conditioner. If you enjoy the quieter winter months where you rely on a furnace that burns natural gas, you may not enjoy the louder heat pump. 

When hiring a heating system installation technician, make sure that he or she is experienced with heat pumps. While these units have been around for a while, some heating installation technicians do not have experience with heat pumps.