3 Crucial Things To Know About AC Repair

Few things are more stressful than going through the hot season with a broken AC system. Sadly, few homeowners consider the value of getting their air cooling systems checked and maintained before disaster strikes. So, if your air cooling system has broken down, you should seek professional repairs to help you solve the problem. Here are three crucial things to know about AC repairs.

A Leak Slows Down All Other Components

Refrigerant is a key component of air conditioning systems because it facilitates the efficient removal of heat from the air. Note that it is added to ACs during installation, and if there's a leak over years of use, the system's cooling capacity will diminish. In such cases, a recharge is part of the AC repair, and correcting the leak is necessary to ensure adequate coolant levels. Ultimately, an air conditioning repair expert will come to your home, fix the leak, and add the right amount of refrigerant to restore proper cooling.

Frozen Coils Interrupt All Other Functions

The condensing coils in your air conditioner's exterior unit won't function correctly if they freeze over. In most cases, ice on the coils of your unit can occur due to inadequate ventilation. The most common cause is an obstruction, such as a clogged return air duct or a filthy air filter. Another reason this may happen is a lack of refrigerant, which calls for a recharge. Whatever the case, an AC repair expert can figure out what's causing your coils to freeze, fix the problem, and thaw the ice without risking more damage.

Problems with Heat Dissipation

To maintain a comfortable temperature within your home, the coils, compressor, and fans dissipate heat from the air and channel it outside. That said, poor operation of the outside fan reduces the efficiency of heat exchange. Consequently, the compressor can overheat if the system's fan stops working. When this happens, the system safety settings may shut it down, especially if it becomes too hot. If this is the case, damage from overheating will also necessitate AC repair or compressor replacement. The good news is that an AC repair contractor can figure out what's wrong with the outdoor fan and fix it to keep it from affecting other components.

Other common causes you are likely to face with your cooling unit include drainage and electrical problems. Ultimately, the best step to follow when dealing with your AC is to call an expert instead of trying to diagnose your unit. The AC repair expert will inspect all parts and components, determine which one is damaged, and perform the necessary system repairs. 

For more information about professional air conditioning repair, contact a local company.