2 Possible Problems With Your Central Air Conditioner's Condenser Coils That Require Professional Attention

An integral part of your home's central air conditioning system, the condenser coils contain the coolant needed to cool the air that goes into your house. As warm air passes over the surfaces of the coils, an exchange takes place that cools the air down and removes excess moisture before the air goes into the ductwork.

When the coils start having issues, your home will feel warm and muggy. If you have noticed this, the coils may be affected by a couple of possible problems that will need the attention of a professional air conditioning repair technician.

1. Coils Were Damaged by Ice or Debris, Causing Them to Bend in Several Places

One possible problem with the coils that could be affecting their ability to cool and condition your home's air is that they sustained damage. If any ice gets caught between them or debris flies through the fins, the expansion of the ice or impact of the debris can bend or even crack the coils.

If you see any damage while looking through the fins, do not attempt to straighten or fix them yourself. Especially if the damage has caused a coolant leak, you will need to have a professional fully inspect the coils to see if they can be fixed or need to be replaced.

2. Coils Were Covered in Dirt and Grime, Causing Rust to Form on Their Surfaces

Another potential issue that is disrupting the condenser coils' job inside the air conditioner is that they have been covered in dirt and grime for too long. Because of the grime, their surfaces are unable to fully dry out, causing them to rust.

If you cannot see the surfaces of the coils, you can gently clean them using the medium setting on a garden hose. Once you have full visualization of the coils, see if there is any rust.

Do not attempt to remove any rust that you see because the coils' metal is thin and you could damage it. You will need to have a professional remove the rust so they can see the extent of the damage caused by the oxidation.

When the condenser coils in your home's AC unit are having problems, they will be unable to exchange warm and cold air efficiently, leaving your home uncomfortable. Unless they are dirty and need a simple cleaning, you should avoid trying to fix the problem yourself. You will need to contact an HVAC contractor who provides AC repair services to have them look at any damage or rust to see what can be done to fix the issue. 

For more information about AC repair, contact a local contractor.