3 Common Air Conditioner Issues And How To Resolve Them

The state of your air conditioning system determines whether your home will be habitable or a sweltering pit of misery. Some air conditioner problems can even hurt your overall health. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to avoid living in an uncomfortable house. By learning about the most common air conditioner issues, you can tell when the system is damaged and needs repairs. Here are three common complications and how professionals resolve them. 

Weak Airflow

Weak airflow is the first indicator that your heating and air conditioning system is malfunctioning. Often, it means that there is little to no air coming out of the vents. The vents will fail to dissipate air into the room when they have a clog. You should start diagnosing this problem by checking the state of the filters. Clean or replace them if they look dirty. Also, check the condition of the outdoor unit. If there are leaves, twigs, and other debris clogging the unit, start by clearing up the area around it. Other serious causes of weak airflow include an air leak and a failing compressor. You should have an AC professional check your unit and correctly diagnose the problem. 

When the Air Is Warm and Stuffy

Warm and stuffy air is an indicator that your compressor is failing. It could also be because your system is low on refrigerant and needs a refill. Sometimes, debris in the outdoor unit and issues with the thermostat also lead to excessive warmth and stuffiness. You should first check the state of the thermostat and ensure it is correctly programmed. If the thermostat is okay, check and clear any debris in the outdoor unit. If these tricks do not resolve the problem, call the AC technician to assess the coils for ice buildup and other possible issues. 

When It's Always Humid Inside

Another function of the air conditioner is to remove moisture from your home through its dehumidifier component. If the air is always moist, check the system and ensure enough refrigerant. A technician can help you restore desirable refrigerant levels, eliminating the humidity problem. If you have puddles of moisture around your AC system, the refrigerant could be leaking. Treat a leak as an emergency and have an expert seal it immediately. 

Those are three common issues with AC systems and possible solutions. You should hire an air conditioner repair technician to check when any part malfunctions and help fix the problem.