Possible Reasons Why Your Electric Furnace Is Not Turning On

You should be able to count on your electric furnace to keep your home warm and cozy during the winter, and overall, you might have always been able to do so. Now, though, your electric furnace might not even turn on at all. Obviously, this is a big problem, but you should not panic yet; instead, you should contact a heating repair service. They will help diagnose the problem; for example, these are a few possible issues that they might look for.

There's a Wiring Problem

Since you have an electric furnace, your furnace should be wired to your home's electrical system. Of course, you have to worry about the possibility of something going wrong with this wiring, which would prevent your furnace from turning on at all. A heating repair technician can take a look at the wiring and perform tests to make sure that your electric furnace is getting the power it needs to operate. They can also check to see if any fuses need to be replaced or if any breakers are being tripped. Heating repair technicians who have experience with working with electric furnaces are typically able to diagnose and repair these issues. If the problem is really serious, though -- such as if there is a major problem with your home's wiring that is preventing your electric furnace from getting the power that it needs -- then you may need to work with an electrician to get the problem under control as well.

There's an Issue With Your Thermostat

Your electric furnace will not know to turn on if your thermostat does not tell it to. A heating repair technician will first check your thermostat to make sure that it's turned on and set properly. In some cases, issues can be resolved by simply adjusting the thermostat. Your heating repair technician might check to make sure that your thermostat has functioning batteries. If they test your thermostat and find that it does not work at all, they can assist with replacing it.

There's a Faulty Component in Your Furnace

When your thermostat tells your furnace to turn on, there are a variety of different components that have to work together to help your unit turn on and heat up your home. A heating repair technician can check out your unit to determine which parts, if any, might need to be replaced. 

There are various things that can cause an electric furnace not to turn on. A heating repair technician will check for these issues and more when diagnosing the problem with your electric furnace.