The Various Components Of Your Furnace

Do you feel like looking at the internal components of your furnace is like looking at a car engine? Thankfully, the furnace is not that complicated of an appliance. It will help to know what some of the key components are within the furnace so that you know what they are called and what they do. Heat Exchanger The heat exchanger is a part that can look tubular or be made out of multiple flat-looking cells. [Read More]

Problems With Heat? Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

If you have a heat pump system, now's the time to watch for malfunctions. If your heat pump fails, you could get left in the cold this winter. Routine maintenance will help extend the life of your heat pump. But, even with regular maintenance, problems can pop up. When heat pump issues do pop up, you need to be ready. Read the list provided below. If you encounter any of these problems this winter, call for repairs right away. [Read More]

Which Type Of Heating System Is Suitable For Your Home?

If you have been using a heating system for many years, letting it go and installing a new one might not be easy. Besides investing money in the new heating system, you want to ensure that it can function optimally for longer. Since you haven't been updated with the heating technologies for years, you may find it challenging to pick the most suitable replacement option. Taking time to familiarize yourself with the common heating systems in the market today can make this task easier. [Read More]

Why Should You Get A Chimney Inspection Before Winter?

Many people choose to ignore their chimneys until they have a problem. This is a mistake because, by the time you have a problem, it is often too late to save your chimney. A chimney cleaning and inspection before winter can help to prevent many problems, including fires. Boost the Flue Liner's Lifespan The chimney system's first source of protection against a fire and carbon monoxide poisoning is the flue liner. [Read More]