What An Air Conditioning Repair Contractor Will Do To Fix Your AC If It Refuses To Turn On

When you turn on your air conditioner (AC), you expect it to work properly. However, there are times when it might fail to cooperate, making you uncomfortable. If you're experiencing this problem, there's no need to panic. An air conditioning repair contractor can diagnose and fix the issue quickly, so you can continue enjoying the cooler temperatures. Here are a few things they'll do to keep your air conditioner running. 

Examining the Thermostat

A broken thermostat can minimize your AC's efficiency. Luckily, a contractor can repair it. They'll find out if the display is on and send signals to the AC. If it's battery operated, they'll ensure they're in good working order. If these don't solve the problem, they'll turn it off, remove its cover, and inspect its parts to find if they're clogged with debris, or corroded. If so, these professionals will eliminate these elements, replace the blown-out fuses with newer and highly efficient ones, and tighten loose screws or wires to keep everything hooked.

Assessing the Air Filters

Cleaning air filters isn't something people often do, although these parts ensure proper airflow and increase the efficiency of the unit. If they're clogged with dirt and dust, airflow will be restricted, and your appliance will strain to cool your home. If this continues for some time, there could be a total system breakdown. A contractor can inspect the condition of the filters and clean or replace them. They'll also confirm if there are any other blockages in the system that could be causing problems and fix them to avoid future issues.

Inspecting the Capacitor

Your HVAC system may not be starting because of a damaged capacitor. This small, cylindrical piece of metal starts the compressor by giving it an initial jolt of electricity. It may fail due to excess heat, wear and tear, or setting temperatures too low or too high during extreme weather conditions. If your AC refuses to turn on because of capacitor issues, you shouldn't repair it yourself because you could be electrocuted. Instead, you should call in a contractor who will safely discharge it before proceeding with the repair. If it has totally failed, they're likely to replace it.

If your AC refuses to turn on, it may be having several issues. An experienced air conditioning repair contractor can diagnose and fix the malfunctioned components, restoring your AC's functionality. Contact them today to get your system up and running in no time.

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