Do You Have Leaks In Your Boiler? Find Out The Possible Causes

There's no doubt that the cold season can be hard to navigate. Luckily, a well-functioning boiler makes things smooth during the snowy season. So, the last thing you want is a leaking boiler. Boiler leaks are a major concern for many people since they cause inefficiencies in the entire system. Besides that, the leaking water exposes your walls and floors to mold damage.

Because of that, you should seek professional boiler repair services as soon as you detect a leak. Various factors can contribute to leaks in the boiler, and they include the following: 

Damage to the Pump Seals

The boiler pump is responsible for circulating water around the heating system in your home. But after years of continued use, the boiler pump seal might become ineffective. For instance, if the seals are old or broken, your boiler pump can leak water. If you suspect that your water leaks because of faulty seals, call a heating technician to inspect your unit and change the seals. 

Extensive Rusting of the Boiler

Corrosion is among the top causes of boiler leaks. In most cases, rusting is to blame if the leak is at the unit's bottom section. This leak signifies that the pipes under your boiler have undergone corrosion over time, prevalent in older boilers. You can identify this type of leakage by checking for any wet patches on the pipes below the boiler. To effectively address this problem, contact an experienced heating expert.

Unprofessional DIY Installation

Water leaks from the pipes soon after a boiler installation can indicate that the joints in the pipework were not properly fitted. Poorly fitted pipes allow water to penetrate and leak. Since the boiler is an intricate system, handling the installation without professional help is not advisable. Hiring a heating system expert guarantees you proper installation. That way, you won't struggle with annoying and damaging leaks down the line. 

Damage to the Expansion Tank

Boilers have an expansion tank that ensures the hot water in your system can expand and release pressure. If you want to determine whether the tank is the source of a leak, you need to check when the water is leaking. If the leaks start after your boiler's burner runs for some time, the expansion tank is likely problematic. Call heating contractors in your area to help you resolve this issue. 

A mere leak in your boiler can graduate into an enormous problem if not addressed in time. Therefore, pay attention to your system and call a heating repair expert at the first sign of a leak.