Should You Have Your AC System Serviced At The End Of The Cooling Season? Important Reasons To Consider

Homeowners who regularly replace the filters in their air conditioning system may feel that no additional servicing is needed, especially near the end of the cooling season. While frequent filter changes are critically important for both efficiency and mechanical longevity, additional servicing is actually needed to meet the needs of most residential air conditioning components. Homeowners who would like to learn more about the importance of having their air conditioning system professionally serviced may find the following information useful. 

Cleaning and inspecting outdoor components 

Summer is hard on the outdoor components of your air conditioning system. Lawn clippings and dust can settle into the recessed areas of the fins and condenser coil, along with any nesting materials or debris from the activities of birds, rodents, and insects. If these materials are not cleared away, they will soon begin to block the system's airflow and make it much harder for the compressor, evaporator coil, and condenser to function. 

Ensuring condensate drains are clear and working correctly

Another important service function performed by the technician at the end of the cooling season is checking the condensate drain system. When an air conditioning system is tasked with producing cool air throughout the summer, the amount of condensate it creates can be substantial. Mineral deposits, algae, and debris can quickly form clogs that will later interfere with the system's ability to reduce humidity in the home. An end-of-the-season service call is a perfect time for cleaning condensate drain systems so that the AC system will be fully functional for the next cooling season. 

Testing your system for refrigerant levels or leaks

Testing the AC system for leaks and ensuring that the refrigerant levels are correct is another important function performed during an AC service visit. The technician will visually inspect refrigerant lines, pressure test the system for leaks, and use gauges to ensure that the proper amount of refrigerant is in the system. 

Inspect mechanical and electrical parts for damage and wear

Having your cooling system professionally serviced by a reputable air conditioning service technician also means that moving parts and electrical systems are inspected to determine if they are showing signs of wear or damage. Worn fan belts, noisy bearings, and scorched electrical connections are just a few examples of the types of potential repair issues that could be found during this type of service visit. If a problem is found, the service technician can often make the necessary repairs to help prevent future cooling system repair issues from arising. 

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