4 Top Reasons For A New Residential Boiler Installation

Is your boiler becoming too expensive to repair and maintain because of age deterioration? Perhaps it is time you considered replacing it. Boiler technology today is superior to what was available 20 years ago. A new residential boiler installation offers several benefits, among them energy efficiency and smarter control. Other considerations would include a home remodel, which requires a boiler that fits your new house design and lifestyle. Here are the top reasons you should have a new boiler installed.

1. Improve  Energy Efficiency 

An aging boiler becomes energy inefficient because it uses more power than necessary to heat water and keep the temperature stable. As a result, you lose money by paying higher energy bills than necessary. If your boiler causes high energy bills even with constant repairs, you are better off with a new installation. 

Today's boilers are designed for maximum energy efficiency. Advanced fire-tube technology allows heat transfer with one pass. There are combi boiler designs that heat water as-is needed instead of expending energy on heating stored water.

2. Enjoy Tech Improvements 

A boiler today differs greatly from a boiler of 20 years ago. Today's designs are more compact and quieter. You can install a residential boiler installation next to the bedroom without concern for the noise. The compact design enables installation with more visually appealing results.  

They have more safety features like flame detection. Your family is at lower risks of gas explosions,  carbon monoxide poisoning, and electrical faults. A residential boiler installation service will also design and install the new boiler following updated safety codes. 

3. Better Cost Efficiency 

It gets to a point in any appliance's life where repair and maintenance costs stop making economic sense. Eventually, you will have to replace the boiler. But how much will it have cost you in accumulated repair and maintenance bills by that point? 

A new residential boiler installation comes with no costs in repairs and maintenance. Warranty will also cover the new boiler depending on the terms and conditions of the brand and installer.

4. Boost Property Value 

A new boiler can help you ask for a higher price when selling the house. Most buyers are looking for energy efficiency, safety, visual appeal, and convenience. A new boiler offers a better value proposition, making it easier to ask for a higher price and convince the buyer.

Would you like to replace your old boiler with a more energy-efficient and safer unit? Talk to a residential boiler installation service about your heating needs.