Heating Repairs to Make on Your Hydro-Air System Before Turning It Off

Hydro-air heating systems have a unique design because they use fluids to provide heating to your home. They can also cause various issues that are unique and need to be addressed. Repairs need to be done to these heating systems to prevent issues from getting worse and water damage that they can cause. The following things are some problems that you may need to address before turning your system off:

Air Issues Reducing Heat

One of the biggest issues that you may have with a hydro-air system is air getting in the coils and plumbing. This is also a common problem with radiant heating systems. The issues with air getting in the system are normal due to the expansion of fluids, which contract when they cool. These problems may be solved by bleeding air out of the system, or you may need repairs to prevent these issues if the problem is severe.

Leaks Causing Problems

Other issues that you may have with a hydro-air heating system are leaks. These problems can cause severe water damage if they go unrepaired all summer. Therefore, you want to inspect all the pipes that go from the boiler to the coil inside the air handler. Look for watermarks or other signs of moisture around the air handler, boiler, and any pipe connections.

Water Pump Problems 

The water pump of your hydro-air system may be another problem that you need to deal with. This is what delivers the hot water to the coils inside the air handler. The pump can freeze or fail due to other issues. Thus, you may want to have the pump checked and repaired before turning the heating off. If your system also uses a pump for the hot water needs of plumbing, it will need to be repaired if you have issues with water pressure.

Filter and Air Handler Issues

The filter may be another area that needs to have maintenance done before turning your heating off. Many hydro-air heating systems use electrostatic filters, which need to be cleaned before turning the heating off. In addition, the air handler needs to be inspected for damage and repaired before switching to your cooling system. Usually, these systems have the filter near the air handler, so you can inspect it for damage when changing or cleaning the filter.

The problems with hydro-air heating systems can be minor and easy to repair if you take care of them in time. Contact a heating repair service to have your system repaired and serviced before turning it off for summer.