3 Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Older AC Unit

If your AC unit is getting older, it may be time to replace it. If you are not sure if you should do this, below are three signs it would be a good idea for you. You can then find an HVAC company to install a new AC unit for you.

Coolant Leaking

The coolant inside your unit is called R-22 refrigerant. You will also hear this referred to as Freon. It can be costly to replace Freon throughout the year, and you have to hire a professional to do this for you. Some refrigerant leaks are easy to repair, while others are much more difficult.

Feel near the vents inside your home, and if the air feels warmer than it should be while your AC unit is running, this is a sign there is a refrigerant leak. If you do not replace it, the compressor will eventually go out, which is an expensive part to replace. The cost of Freon has gone up in price, and manufacturers are phasing out AC units that use Freon. Because of this, you may eventually have problems finding Freon for your unit, so it may be better to replace the unit altogether.

Allergies Worse

If you or someone else in your home has allergies and their symptoms are getting worse, it could be due to your home. Dirt, dust, mold, and many more allergens can build up inside the air ducts in your home. Air blows through the ducts before it flows through the vents, so these allergens are also getting inside your home. If you have someone that smokes inside, or if you have pets that stay inside the house, this can make air quality even worse. 

If you have not had your system and ductwork cleaned regularly, you likely have a big problem with allergens inside your home. Cleaning can take care of this problem, so if your unit has no other issues, cleaning may be a good option while you look at replacing the unit.

Electric Bill Higher

If you notice your electrical bill is climbing more and more each month, the problem could be with your AC unit. You may be surprised at the amount of money you can save if you choose to have your AC unit replaced. Not only will your electric bill go back to normal, but you won't have to pay for repairs. 

Your electric bill is higher because your AC unit is running longer to maintain the temperature in your home. The blower may not be working, or there may be something blocking the blower from producing air. The evaporator coil may be bad or frozen if it is cold outside. 

When choosing a new AC unit, ask the contractor for tips on the size you should choose and the features you should look for. For more information about AC replacement, contact a local HVAC company, like Vance Air & Heat.