Common Reasons That You May Need 24/7 AC System Repair

Throughout the course of its lifespan, your AC system is often subjected to a number of situations that can take a toll over time. Extreme weather conditions, lack of regular maintenance, and installation of a unit that is the wrong size for your home can all have negative effects on your AC system. When your cooling system breaks down, it's important to know if the malfunction is minor or if the problem simply cannot wait until the next business day for help. If any of the following instances occur, be sure to call a 24/7 AC repair service right away.

1) Strange noises

Don't hesitate to contact an emergency HVAC contractor the moment that you first hear an unexpected noise coming from your AC system. Strange sounds can indicate a bigger issue with the system, so you should never ignore a noise that is loud or sudden. In fact, some sounds can signal a major problem that must be addressed as soon as possible. Squealing noises often indicate that there is too much internal pressure in the compressor. Hissing or high-pitched whistling could point to a refrigerant leak, and clanking might mean that the fan blades or other internal parts have been damaged. Neglecting these sounds could have dangerous and disastrous results, so make sure that a 24/7 AC system repair service takes a look immediately when you notice any unusual noises at all.

2) Warm air

As far as your air conditioner is concerned, hot air is a bad sign. While the culprit could be a clogged filter or a glitch with the thermostat, there may be a more complex root cause. If you realize that your cooling system is only sending out warm air, urgent assistance from a qualified technician is probably required. A 24/7 AC system repair service can rapidly diagnose the problem, even if you discover in the middle of the night that your air conditioner is no longer blasting cold air. Since a substantially hot environment can be hazardous to the health of certain people, you should reach out to an emergency HVAC contractor when cool air is not blowing, regardless of the time of day that the system stops working properly. 

3) Unpleasant odors 

A bad smell associated with your AC system usually signals that something isn't quite right. Most troublesome odors should be promptly identified and remedied by an HVAC technician. A musty scent is evidence that mold or mildew is present in your system, and you could have a rodent stuck in the AC if you smell rotten eggs. You should also pay attention to a burning odor, as it can be a symptom of a fire somewhere in the electrical components of the unit. Whenever you experience an unpleasant smell from your cooling system, an emergency AC repair service should be called to ensure that the underlying issue is taken care of with minimal disruption to your household.

Don't wait to call a 24/7 AC system repair service if any of these situations occur in your home. An emergency HVAC contractor will help you shield your system against safety hazards and prevent more extensive complications with your air conditioner later.