Furnace Maintenance That Your Heating Needs When It Is Straining To Keep You Warm

As your furnace starts working harder to keep your home warm, it may be straining. This can cause problems with the system constantly running or not heating your home. The problems with your heating may be due to a lack of maintenance. The following furnace maintenance may help you with your heating problems this winter:

Getting the Unit Cleaned Early

To start the winter months, you are going to want to have the furnace cleaned. You want to make sure the system is cleaned before you turn the heating on. The areas of your furnace that need to be cleaned to prevent problems include:

  • The pilot light and ignition systems
  • Heating elements that provide heat
  • Blowers and furnace air handlers

These furnace components often need to be cleaned when there is a problem with your heating system. Cleaning these parts can often solve the issues that cause your home not to be warm during winter weather.

Taking Care of the HVAC Ductwork

The ductwork is one of the areas that is going to need maintenance during the winter months. If you are having problems with the furnace not heating your home, it could be due to air handler and ductwork issues. Some of the maintenance that your heating system may need when the furnace is not working includes:

  • Making sure the furnace air filter has been changed
  • Checking the air handler for problems that need repairs
  • Checking all the dampers and HVAC vents inside your home
  • Repairing the minor damage that causes air leaks and energy loss

This ductwork maintenance needs to be done during the winter months when you have problems with your heating.

Inspecting the Furnace Blower for Problems 

Another area of the furnace that may need maintenance is the blower. First, the blower fan needs to be cleaned to reduce wear and improve airflow. In addition, there may be minor repairs that blowers need, such as:

  • Cleaning the blower fan to remove dust that restricts airflow
  • Testing the airflow to ensure the blower is working
  • Replacing motor bushings and other blower parts that wear out

These are some of the repairs that furnace blowers need during the winter months. You may need to have the motor cleaned to deal with winter heating problems. There may also be minor repairs that need to be done to the motor during routine maintenance.

These are things that can be done to take care of your heating during the winter months. Call a furnace maintenance service if you need help with these chores when your heating is not keeping your home warm.