3 Important HVAC Jobs

It's not fun or easy to deal with inflated utility bills during cold winters. If you are constantly running your heat during the winter, you might notice a sizable spike in your monthly electricity and gas usage. Of course, you can't fully avoid using your furnace, but many people end up turning it down and ultimately dealing with a less comfortable, colder home. Instead of doing this, you should consider ways that you can make your system more efficient. This article explains three ways that homeowners can increase the efficiency of their heating system with some basic maintenance. These are three jobs that can be started almost immediately and don't need any special tools.

Clean Your Air Registers

First, you should clean your air registers. This is a very easy work, but something that many homeowners neglect to do. If your air registers are clogged, the heated air will have a harder time reaching your rooms. Basically, you just remove the air registers from the wall with a screwdrivers and clean them on both sides. With better airflow, your system can be dramatically more effective. It might also be helpful to close registers in rooms that don't need the extra heat.

Replace the Filters

Your furnace system will also benefit from clean filters. If you don't replace your filter in time, it is going to have a negative impact on the cleanliness and effectiveness of your furnace. Usually, a dirty filter won't have a huge impact on the efficiency of your furnace, but it can be detrimental in the long term, causing certain components to malfunction and be less efficient. Changing filters is easy and it doesn't require any tools.

Clean the Heat Exchanger

aYour heater system is also going to be less efficient if the heat exchanger is dirty. The heat exchanger is the most important component inside a furnace. It is basically responsible for creating the hot air and pumping it into your air ducts. If the outside of the exchanger is dirty, your furnace will struggle to produce hot air without using a lot of electricity. Wiping it down with a wet rag can remove most dust and help the heat transfer process.

As you can see, these are all very simple jobs. You don't need any professional skills or training to do them. If you buy a package of furnace filters, you will always have them on hand for immediate replacements.