Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioner is a very important part of your home, and is one of the only reasons you can stay comfortable in the long hot summer. Nobody should have to endure eighty degree heat in their own home. So, it is important that the air conditioning is running smoothly. However, the added used of an air conditioning system during the summer can lead to malfunctions. If your air conditioning system malfunctions then you could spend the next few days roasting away in your home. To help keep your system running smoothly, here are a few things to do at the beginning of each summer.

Clean Your Air Ducts 

One of the first things that you can do is clean out your air ducts. Over time dust and other debris will settle into your air ducts and can block off the air from reaching a room. So, it is bad for specific rooms because it keeps the air from flowing into the rooms. However, it is also not good for the air conditioning system because it puts added pressure on the air conditioning unit. Take a vacuum and clean out the air ducts through your house. Once every other year be sure that you have a professional clean out the air ducts to ensure that no deep blocks occur through the duct system.


The compressor on the outside of the home is a very important part of the system, and it is often forgotten about. You will want to open up the compressor and clean out the inside extremely well. Clean out all debris and then take a vacuum to the inside. Straighten out all the fins to allow maximum air flow. Be sure that there is no vegetation that is growing nearby, or trim all plants back so they will not invade the compressor. Lastly you want to ensure that the unit is completely flat. The compressor has coolant that runs through coils, and if it is not flat the coolant does not travel through the compressor correctly. 


Hiring a technician to look at the actual air conditioning unit at the beginning of the summer can keep your system up and running without any major malfunctions. The technician will be able to catch those small problems before they turn into the really big expensive problems. By maintaining and catching these small problems your system should work through the entire summer.