Important Facts To Know About Your HVAC System When Selling Your Home

When someone is looking to buy a home, they will be paying careful attention to all of its inner-working parts and components, even the HVAC system. Even though most buyers would still buy a home if the HVAC system had problems, most want to know what they are getting into because this home feature is one of the bigger expenses. Take a look at a few of the most important things you should know about your home's heating and cooling system before it is listed on the market.

What are your usual heating and cooling costs?

Don't be surprised if this question actually gets asked by a prospective buyer during a showing. People are much more conscientious about heating and cooling costs than ever, so have a few prior bills on hand or take a mental note of how much you seem to be paying during the coldest and hottest months of the year. If your HVAC system uses propane or natural gas, this will be a lot easier to achieve, but if the system operates with electric, you may have to do some monitoring and testing to figure out just how much power your system alone is using.

Do you have a record of maintenance checks and repairs?

Grab the receipts given to you by an HVAC repair technician over the last few years and jot down a simple list of things you have done to the system. Take note of when you had the ductwork last cleaned, how often you've had a maintenance check, and when or if certain parts and components were replaced.

Who is the manufacturer of your system and is it still under warranty?

It is important to know right off who your HVAC system is made by because a buyer could ask. There are top names in heating and cooling systems, just as there are other home components, and capable buyers will often ask the name of the system so they can do research if the name is one they've not heard of. Likewise, it is helpful if you know how old the system is and if it is still under warranty.

Knowing a bit about your HVAC system before listing your home for sale is a good way to be prepared for buyers who have questions during a showing. To get a detailed report on the health of your HVAC system before listing your home, talk to some local HVAC contractors.