Suffering From Freezer Frustration? Try These Easy Repairs Before You Call The Technician

Walk-in freezers can seem intimidating to a non-expert, especially when they malfunction. All the same, not every problem your machine experiences will actually need a technician to repair it. If your freezer is on the fritz, try one of these easy fixes before you call your local HVAC tech.

Check Your Power Source And Cords

One common problem is the freezer not turning on at all. This can be caused by electrical damage, but it can also be caused by a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or failed power cord. Here are a few fixes you can try before calling the technician.

If you have a circuit breaker, it should be the first place you check. Switch the circuit on if it's off and try turning the machine back on. For buildings with a fuse box, you may need to replace the fuses before trying to turn the machine back on. 

Once you're sure the problem isn't with the circuit, check the electrical outlet your freezer plugs into. You can plug other appliances into it to confirm it's delivering power properly. You should also unplug any extension cords from your freezer and do this same test, plugging them into different appliances and outlets to confirm they still carry power. The last thing you want is to pay for an HVAC technician to tell you it's just a bad cord.

Manually Defrost To See If Performance Improves

Maybe your freezer turns on, but it doesn't seem too good at its job lately. If you're having trouble getting the contents of your freezer cold enough, there are still solutions you can try before getting a technician to come check it out.

Like with a small freezer, even walk-in freezers can be too warm if they're over-packed with food. Also like a smaller freezer, frequently opening the door can diminish its cooling ability. This is because warm, humid air from outside the freezer can get in and collect on the evaporator and coils, freezing into ice that slows the machine down and blocks cold air from circulating. Too much humidity in your freezer will stop it from draining properly, too.

The fix for both causes of under-cooling is simply to unpack the freezer and allow it to manually defrost. Take everything out and turn the machine off for 48 hours to be sure it's completely defrosted. Next, turn it on and allow it to run long enough to get down to ideal temperatures. If it gets as cold as it should, you'll know the problem was just a temporary freeze up. if it doesn't cool sufficiently even when emptied and defrosted, you'll know it's an issue for the technician to address.

Ensure The Machine Is Level And Hoses Are Good

Sometimes freezers may leak water either inside the cooling area or out onto the surrounding floor. Leaks may also be accompanied by strange noises. Sometimes this means a part of the freezer is malfunctioning, but the signs can also indicate a relatively simple issue like a leaking hose or tilted machine.

Before you do anything, get a contractors level and make sure your freezer is sitting flat. If it's tilted at all, water may not be draining correctly when the freezer defrosts itself. As a result, excess water can pool inside or escape out of the freezer, resembling a leak. When you're sure your freezer is level but the problem persists, it's time to check the hoses.

Hoses are cheap to replace, so your best bet it to examine them for holes or leaks. If a visual inspection doesn't reveal any problems, try tying a rag to the hose connections and checking it for wetness after an hour or two. A soaked rag will indicate the problem connection, and it should be easy to swap out the hose or connecting piece for a new one. If the rag comes back dry, your problem is more than just a leaky hose, and you'll need professional assistance.

Don't jump to call a repairman right away if your freezer malfunctions. You could save yourself the service fees by fixing it with one of these simple solutions. And hey, if they don't work for you, you can still feel satisfied knowing you tried your best before giving commercial refrigeration services a call.